3 steps to happiness

  • Step 1: a good lunch
  • Step 2: a long sleep after a good lunch
  • Step 3: the right attitude: no responsibilities, no job, no expectations, no washing, a little rolling in the mud, playing ball and occasional sex.

It is not difficult at all.

my coffee has not taste

Every morning, from my window, I could see the old man feeding the pigeons. He fed them seeds, which he threw away with osteoarthritis hands. He is old, very old, from another century and another millennium. The old man had the color of the earth and clothes as old as him.
Every morning, I drank my coffee looking out the window at an old man who was feeding the pigeons.
Today, I drink my coffee watching from the window as the pigeons fly in a helical dance, like a DNA chain. The pigeons scream madly and no old man feeds them. It's a rainy day and my coffee has no taste.

I see a ghost

Have you ever seen or met a ghost?

Human mind does exceptonally well at trying to make sense out of something does not have any sense.

There may be no ghosts, no afterlife.

However, I have a proof: ghosts really exist!

I saw a ghost in my room. The ghost wanted to eat something and go for a walk.


Caution, danger

Reading seems like a simple, recreational and fun activity. In fact, if you think about it, reading is dangerous.


Because it can make you attentive, smart and erudite.

Who likes smart people? Nobody, of course.

Don’t read, guys, because reading is dangerous: it produced thoughts. And anxiety as well. And questions. Who wants something like that?